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What our customers say

Bill & Laura
Dahlonega, GA

The team at CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains were incredible. They walked us thru the entire process explaining exactly how they were going to handle our mold problem and completed the job precisely as they explained. The after treatment Air Quality test proved the thoroughness of their process! We highly recommend CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains for your mold removal issues.

– Bill & Laura

Peter & Lorrie
Dawsonville, GA

Hiring CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains was a “No-Brainer”! Instead of having a crew come out and rip my house apart to get at all the mold, the CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains team was able to completely remove ALL the mold and ensure our HVAC system was clean, all within a 4-hour time span. The air quality test came back proving that my house was once again a safe and healthy home. Thank you CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains!

– Peter & Lorrie

Kevin & Michelle
Blue Ridge, GA

The experience was simply AMAZING! We were considering moving out of our dream home because of all the confusion talking to so many traditional mold remediators. The team at CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains “cleared the air” and brought the seemingly complex issue down to the simplest terms. We were sold when they truly told us that “We are in this together”. We moved back into our home after the treatment after living away for over 3 months and we were AMAZED! We awoke the very next morning and many of our symptoms were GONE! If you have a concern about mold in your home…Call CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains!

– Kevin & Michelle

Jasper, GA

I’m a believer! They said that all the mold and musty moldy mildewy smells would be gone after they did their treatment and wouldn’t you know it…they were all gone! My wife for the first time in many months slept thru the night and woke up refreshed without the stuffiness and typicall morning headache. This process is all that they tell you it is…I highly recommend CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains.

– Michael

Helen, GA

I had enough of the broken promises and inabilities of the property management company in my apartment complex.  After three months of sending maintenance guys to allegedly get rid of the mold in my unit and it kept coming back…I had enough! I called CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains and took advantage of the $325 Air Quality Testing and Mold Inspection Bundle. That made all the difference…they explained that mold is not a “spot problem” but an air quality problem. That the mold needs to be removed/remediated from everywhere in my apartment and not just where the leak and mold is. Once they did their treatment I noticed the freshness in the air the very minute I walked in the door. Its been wonderful every since….going on 8 months now…NO MORE MOLD!

– Amy

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