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Advanced Mold and Pathogen Removal for your Home or Office




Completely Kills All Mold & Pathogens


Entire Process is Complete within 4 Hours

Advanced mold and pathogen removal for your home or office

Demolition Free Mold Remediation

If you have ever found mold, or been in a position to have to deal with treating mold, you know exactly how difficult and dangerous it could be. Our revolutionary treatment is highly effective and very convenient. It Permits You to Prevent any destruction of property, while still completely killing spore colonies throughout your home or office.


How It Works

Our demolition-free system allows us to completely treat your home or office without the extra hassle of moving furniture or tearing into floors and walls.


Getting Rid of Mold

Once you’ve got mold growing, it will not ever go away on its own. You can dry it out that may slow the growth rate of the mold, but the present mold will still need to be dealt with. There are different ways that people use to get rid of mold: Demolition, Scrubbing, Ozone and Dry Fogging.

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How can we help you?

Home & Office

Whether you’ve had a leak, you can see mold, or your crawlspace smells odd, you have a problem. Don’t wait another day to ensure your family or employees are breathing fresh, clean air. CitruSolution Environmental can help you breathe healthy air.

Real Estate Pro's

Losing a deal because of a mold or odor problem is a waste of your time and resources. When you suspect a home has mold or is in need of odor removal, call CitruSolution Environmental. We’ll get you to the closing table!

Property Managers

Being a landlord is a tough job. Discovering that your rental property has mold or odor issues can make the job twice as hard. Don’t wait until the problem spreads. Find out how CitruSolution Environmental can help today.

Home Inspectors

Home inspection is a key factor in the successful sale of a residential property, and professional home inspectors play a vital role in the process. Smart home inspectors know that home air quality testing is essential if mold is discovered...

New Home Builders

When you are faced with a home that has crawl space or foundation concerns, visible mold, or unpleasant odors, you need a top quality referral. CitruSolution Environmental is here to help. We’ll provide your customers with reliable, affordable, and fast solutions.

Healthcare Professionals

The health of your patients and staff is essential. Looking for an effective solution to keep your facility bacteria and virus free? CitruSolution Environmental can help ensure your facility is clean & healthy.

What our customers say

Professional, experienced, and thorough

The team at CitrusEnviro – GA Mountains were incredible. They walked us thru the entire process explaining exactly how they were going to handle our mold problem and completed the job precisely as they explained. The after treatment Air Quality test proved the thoroughness of their process!  We highly recommend CitrusEnviro – GA Mountains for your mold removal issues.

-Bill & Laura

What makes CitrusEnviro - GA Mountains so great?

More Effective – We fill the entire space with an EPA approved sterilant that removes bacteria, virus and mold on EVERY surface.
More Affordable – Due to our technology, the job is done faster without the need for replacing walls, floors and carpets…much less costly than traditional mold remediation methods.
Faster – Unlike old remediation methods that take weeks to complete, our entire process is complete within 4 hours making your home mold and pathogen free!

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