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Sanitizing & Disinfection

COVID-19, the Coronavirus,  is still making headlines across the country. Homeowners, property managers, school administrators, business owners, and coaches are taking notice and are being ever more diligent about their disinfection and sanitization process

You may think that disinfecting your home or business yourself can save you money. This may be true, but you could run the risk of exposure, whether from infectious diseases or dangerous viruses. Get the kind of clean that only comes from a professional team of disinfection and sterilization specialists.

Our technicians are trained specifically in our Dry Haze cold fogging process that gets the job done effectively. We use the proper protective gear and our proven and unique disinfecting processes are done quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a professional virus cleanup or just a special disinfecting job, we can help ease the worries of you, your family, your employees and anyone who walks through your door.

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How Do We Disinfect Your Home or Business?

OUR UNIQUE FOG INFUSION PROCESS is totally effective, completely penetrating and overwhelming the mold, permeating every nook and cranny where mold might have taken hold. 

This powerful process raises the standard for “Demolition Free” Mold Remediation and whole room disinfection with the EPA-proven kill log of 99.9999%, along with a broad spectrum of other pathogens, including the human Coronavirus (Covid-19). Our methods ensure the comprehensive and uniform delivery of our highly effective EPA approved mold spore, virus & bacteria killing disinfectant throughout every part of the space, even in crevices and other areas beyond the reach of sprays, wipes and UV lights. 

Our Mold Remediation Process cleans mold spores throughout your home or business quickly, effectively and without any demolition. It leaves no residue behind and requires no cleanup.

We use a three-part dry fog infusion process that fills up the entire volume of space within a structure/room with an EPA approved sterilant that creates a germ barrier removing harmful mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, odors, and infectious diseases or pathogens including the human coronavirus from surfaces and denatures spores that are airborne, in furniture, fabrics, carpeting, in the air ducts and behind walls. The process is so effective that we GUARANTEE RESULTS.

Step 1 – CitruCLEANSE

The first step of the CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains process is called CitruCLEANSE. We will fill your home/office/business with an EPA registered solution dry fog we call CitruCLEANSE a hospital grade disinfectant. This powerful fog is infused into every area of the structure, including the ventilation system. Once the fog has filled the capacity of the rooms, has made contact with all surfaces and the mold and germs are destroyed, we begin step number two of the process.

Step 2 – Wipe Down

The second step of the process is the wiping down of the key “high touch” surface areas.  (As per the CDC recommended guidelines)

Step 3 – CitruSHIELD

The third step of the CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains process is providing you with protection. Using a similar infusion fog to that used in step one, an EPA registered solution dry fog we call CitruSHIELD, is introduced to the room. CitruSHIELD is dry and leaves no wet residue, but creates an antimicrobial germ barrier on all surfaces of the room. This will insure that for 90-days, your facility will be germ free…we call this “90” PURE!

Sanitization & Disinfection - No Coronavirus

Hiring CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains was a “No-Brainer”! Instead of having a crew come out and rip my house apart to get at all the mold, the CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains team was able to completely remove ALL the mold and ensure our HVAC system was clean, all within a 4 hour time span. The air quality test came back proving that my house was once again a safe and healthy home. Thank you CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains!

Peter D. / Dawsonville

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