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Air Quality Testing

Some mold is apparent. It’s right there before your eyes..clear as day with that fuzzy looking appearance. In other cases where mold and mildew is in undetected areas, like behind a closet or behind completely dry wall, you will not see it however it can still make you sick. That’s why we offer Air Quality Testing.

Symptoms of Indoor Air Pollution

Air Quality Testing

CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains provides top of the line mold and mildew screening utilizing Air Top quality Examinations. The mold and mildew analysis report provides information describing the amount of mold and mildew spores in the residence and also what kinds of mold and mildew spores are in the home/office. The mold and mildew test done in your home needs to be similar or below exterior mold and mildew screening averages in order for your residence/office to be healthy and balanced.

Due to the fact that we test four factors in mold and mildew spore concentration, laboratory outcomes can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days. However, for many of our clients, we can accelerate the completion of the analysis and have the lab report back within 2 business days.  All air examples taken by CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains are sent out to EMLab P&K in Phoenix, AZ. EMLab P&K is a certified mold and mildew lab without associations with any type of mold screening or mold and mildew removal business.

Another aspect of the CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains process is that we save you money by running less air quality tests than other mold elimination companies. Other firms need to run a mold and mildew examination in virtually every area to determine where mold and mildew degrees are the highest possible. This mold screening process will cost you hundreds of dollars. CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains treats the entire home every time, so we do not need to run tests in every space. Various other companies bill anywhere from $250 to $500 for mold and mildew screening. CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains Mold and Mildew Tests are just $85.00 per test.

We have a special Air Quality testing package titled: “Mold Testing Bundle & Inspection”.  We charge $275.00 and this package includes: Three (3) Air Quality samples taken, Detailed Mold Report from EM Lab P&K, 2-Business Day turnaround on Lab Results and a No-Obligation Mold Inspection.

The mold and mildew report is typically a 16+ page report and provides details outlining the focus of mold and mildew spores in the home/Office as well as what kinds of mold and mildew spores are in the environment. The mold and mildew examination done in your house must be similar or listed below exterior mold testing averages in order for your home to be clean and healthy.

EMLab P&K is a independently certified mold laboratory with no associations with any type of mold and mildew testing or mold remediation business and is an NRPP approved analytical laboratory.

The biggest differentiator when it comes to Air Quality Testing is that we treat the whole home/office every time, so we don’t need to run tests in every room like the mold removers using the older remediation methods. Therefore, not only is our process more thorough but we save your money in the process.


Factors Impacting Indoor Air Quality

Hiring CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains was a “No-Brainer”! Instead of having a crew come out and rip my house apart to get at all the mold, the CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains team was able to completely remove ALL the mold and ensure our HVAC system was clean, all within a 4 hour time span. The air quality test came back proving that my house was once again a safe and healthy home. Thank you CitruSolution Environmental GA Mountains!

Peter D. / Dawsonville

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